Membership in Liberty Republican Women’s Club is open to any and all Republican Women wishing to be a part of a political activities club focused on local, state and national issues. Membership is broken into regular membership and associate membership.

Regular Membership
A Regular Member shall be a resident or have resided in the Commonwealth of Virginia, hold full membership in one Virginia Republican Women’s club, pay all dues, and be eligible to make motions or vote, to hold office or be a delegate to state or national conventions.

Associate Membership
An Associate Member is a member of another Republican Federated club. Associate members cannot be counted towards delegate representation, hold office or vote, serve as a committee chairman, or be a delegate to state or national conventions. Republican Men are also welcome to become Associate Members.

Regular Membership: $30.00

Associate Membership: $25.00 (Male members or members of another VFRW club)

Junior Membership: $10.00

For more information about membership please contact:

Lois Koch – Membership Chair click here to send an email

Kathy Buckley – Treasurer  click here to send an email

If you wish please print the application and send it.

To download the application click here